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BN Wellness Group Founders

Aaron Blizzard 

 Aaron Blizzard is a professional dancer and national competitor with a versatile dance background reaching over the last two decades. He holds dance teaching certifications in many forms of dance including Ballet and Ballroom dance. He is the owner of Blizzard Art & Performance, providing Cleveland and Erie PA with ballroom instruction, performance, and competitive coaching.  To complement his dance background, Aaron is a personal trainer specializing in corrective exercise techniques, strength and conditioning, and flexibility.

He always knew he was meant to guide and assist others and is humbled to have an opportunity to do so. As a certified herbalist, he teaches the craft of introducing herbs to promote healthy lifestyle changes. To take his wellness background further, he is a Certified Reiki Master and is Certified in EFT/TFT/EFT Energy Tapping. 

Dance Healing : 
National Dance Council of America/ Professional Ballroom Dancer and Competitor / Certified  Dance Instructor/ Ballet Instructor

Personal Training :
National Academy of Sports  Medicine  Member.

 Herbal  Coaching : 
Herbal Academy Graduate and 

Nationally Certified  / Accredited / International Reiki Organization Member  

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Our Story

BN Wellness Group was designed collaboratively by a team of advisors and the founders to address an increased need for wellness services We found that many wellness providers assisted with the present but often did not provide tools for the future. Our goal is to provide life-long wellness skills and pathways that lead to your version of success.  

BN Wellness Belief

We believe that everyone deserves their own wellness pathway. BN Wellness approaches everything with love and kindness, for it is the root of everything.


Our mission is to bring personal wellness pathways and practices to people from all walks of life including those who view it as intimidating or unobtainable. Believing that everyone is deserving of wellness, we build unique solutions- focused wellness pathways, assisting individuals and groups to reach their full potential.


Our vision is to bring personal wellness practices that will foster growth and healing. We believe that everyone deserves wellness.