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Our goal is to provide life-long wellness skills and pathways that lead to your version of success.  

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Mindful Therapy

60 min- 99.00
Discount when enrolled in a Wellness Pathway

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to regain power over self and environment. Often, we find that individuals and families struggle with unconscious stress. We integrate a number of evidence-based approaches to include cognitive, energy, and alternative therapies to lead you to a mindful and happy you. 
Our goal is to provide you with what you currently need as well as what you will need for your future. 

Dance Healing

60 min- 99.00
Discount when enrolled in a Wellness Pathway

Employing music, movement, and emotional expression to condition you physical body and address spiritual imbalances


40 min- 67.00
Discount when enrolled in a Wellness Pathway

 Developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation. As our Reiki practitioners believe in the universal life force's ability to heal, we humbly employ physical, spiritual and mental energy healing. Adept in distance and in-person sessions, this is part of an array of services offered to you. 

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You can get up to 20% off when you enroll in a customized Wellness Pathway designed for you by one of our Wellness Pathway Specialists.